Be sure to have the "Golden Five"

The basic equipment needed for every lesson.

  • • Folder/box file – large enough to carry exercise books and A4 sheets unfolded
  • • Reading Book
  • • Pen – black or blue
  • • Pencil
  • • Ruler
  • Lunch Cards, Locker Keys and Planners

    Students are issued with a lunch card (if they decide not to be registered on our biometric system) and locker key when they start at PCS. Planners are issued at the start of the summer term to years 7 and 8. These items are the student's responsibility to keep safe.

    We do not charge deposits (unlike most schools that have lockers) but if your key, lunchcard or planner is lost or damaged, defaced including graffiti etc, you will be expected to pay replacement costs.

    Please note that lockers are school property and that a condition of having a locker is that the student and parent/carer consents to have the locker searched for any unauthorised item whether or not the student is present.

  • Replacement costs are as follows:
  • • Lunch cards: £5
  • • Locker keys: £5
  • • Planners: £2.50
  • All items are available from reception.



    Need Help?

    Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

    01273 581100