Y10 Mock Exam Calendar

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Revision Resources

Get Ready for Revision resources from the University of Brighton

Get Ready for Revision https://sway.office.com/WAaN9mWbZUijTGpb?ref=Link

Get Ready for Revision Techniques – Introduction https://sway.office.com/9VnoUW86eAAFjxgp?ref=Link

Get Ready Revision Techniques – Using Mind Maps https://sway.office.com/BmerPrD1S6aBMpLG?ref=Link

Get Ready Revision Techniques – Using Flash Cards https://sway.office.com/nsg3XPxfS0kgQZcc?ref=Link

Get Ready Revision Techniques – Listening https://sway.office.com/1RcCPi3fHlqXvYnq?ref=Link

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Reminders for Exams

Every student will need the following items of equipment in order to complete their exams:
• Black ink pen or black biro
• An HB pencil
• An eraser
• A ruler
• A pencil sharpener

In addition to these items, Mathematics and Science exams require:
• A scientific calculator (students are responsible for their own calculators, including replacing batteries and making sure that the calculator is in good working order before their exam)
• A protractor
• A compass

For Media Studies, Graphics, Food Technology and Resistant Material exams coloured pencils will also be required.

All equipment should be taken into the exam room in a transparent container (such as a transparent pencil case or a clear plastic bag).

Notes, timetables and revision books must be left in lockers.

Coats, bags and folders must be left in lockers and not taken into the exam venue.

A bottle of water can be brought into the venue in a clear bottle but any labels MUST be removed.

Coloured drinks and food are not permitted.

Note - Mobile Phones, headphones, electronic/digital equipment, smart watches, Ipod or MP3 players are NOT ALLOWED in the examination venue.


Official notices and warnings to students should be read and understood before undertaking any examinations. A copy of these notices are attached below:

Warning To Candidates

Note - Mobile Phones, Smartwatches, Potential Technological/Web Enabled Sources of Information, Ipods or MP3/4 players are
NOT ALLOWED in the examination venue.
Should you choose to ignore this warning you WILL be reported to the exam board and your paper may not be accepted.

Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments

Information for Candidates - Coursework

Information for Candidates - Onscreen Tests

Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice

Information for Candidates - Social Media

Information for Candidates - Written Exams


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