Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset?

Our aim at PCS this year is to foster an increased growth mindset in our school community. For those of us who went to school a while ago this can be quite challenging. Recent research about how the mind works suggests that popular ideas that some people are just born clever and others are not are wrong. Instead, with the right opportunities and support, all of us can get better at learning. The brain, like a sportsperson’ muscles, gets better at something with practice. That doesn’t mean all of us can be Einstein, just as not all of us can be Mo Farah, but we can all get better at things, and we’ll never know how much better until we try.

The concept of growth mindset was introduced to students during CTM's. Students will be learning about how the brain works and what the characteristics of a growth mindset are. They will also be completing a questionnaire to identify the extent of a growth based mindset they have, and identify mindset targets to work on from the results. One characteristic of a growth mindset is accepting that learning can sometimes be difficult and that practice is the key to success. A second is that failure is part of learning; the key is learning from mistakes and responding to feedback to become a more effective learner. Giving opportunities for students to respond to teacher feedback and improve their learning is a priority for teachers at PCS this year. A third is to embrace challenges in learning, and not to avoid them. To be open to new learning experiences that may seem difficult at first.

We will regularly revisit the concept of growth mindset throughout the coming academic year and hope that this will continue to have a positive effect on your child’s learning at PCS.

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