Headteacher Message

What an amazing start to the new academic year. 

It was great to welcome all of our students into our school community. They were a credit to you, and fully engaged in PCS life. 

Thank you for supporting our school uniform. This is something I am very passionate about, it is a very important step in ensuring we level the playing field and remove any perceptions of inequalities that can be so damaging to young people. The message I gave in my assemblies is that if students all wear the same uniform then others can't judge them on what they can or can't afford, but can see them for who they are inside. It also shows that they are engaging as part of our community.

The beginning of a new school year can bring up all sorts of emotions for everyone involved, please do contact your child's mentor if you have any questions or concerns, so we can help. You will be receiving a letter detailing your child's mentor and contact information.

Finally, here are the names of staff who we have welcomed to our school:

Mr Marc Cresswell - Access Teacher
Mr Sam Daintree - Maths Teacher
Miss Georgia Doyle - Learning Assistant
Ms Lucy Finley - Counsellor
Ms Catherine Howard - Food Tech Teacher
Mr Mark Hughes - Humanities Teacher and Assistant Headteacher T&L
Mrs Michelle Jenkins - Learning Assistant
Mr Harry Millar - SPHERE Teacher
Ms Eileen Morrow - DT Teacher
Mr Kier Scott - Maths Teacher and Deputy Headteacher - Outcomes
Ms Susie Scotting - Speech, Language and Communication Teacher
Ms Yvonne Turner - Science Teacher
Ms Omeya Villa - Lead First Aider
Ms Amy Wells - Learning Assistant
Mr Josh Woods - PE Teacher (Science and Maths)
Mr Mark Wrennall - Science Teacher

Thank you for such a wonderful welcome to the year. 

Rachel Henocq