Matilda Review

PCS students captivated their audiences this December 2022 with an amazing production of musical comedy genius Tim Minchin’s ‘Matilda the Musical.’ Time flew by as the charismatic cast took the audience through a magical retelling of the story of Matilda. A magnificent set with huge book covers (painted by the students), giant swings and moving school gates transported the audience to another world. PCS students became backstage crew, taking control of sound, mics, spot-lights and set changes.

The stage-high classic books dotted around the stage, surrounding a lone girl sitting down absorbed in one, set the scene for Roald Dahl’s much loved story of an avid young reader with superpowers trying to make sense of a world run mostly by hideously grotesque adults.

It isn’t long before we see two of these adults -  Matilda’s Father, a television worshipping, shifty car salesman who thinks books are the root of all evil, and her vacuous, shallow mother, hilariously portrayed in all of her neon-lycra glory. We quickly realise that Matilda is very different from her parents and her brother, a crude child who is obviously intellectually inferior to her but also clearly her parents’ favourite. When it is time for the gifted young Matilda to go to school, a battle ensues between her delightful, nurturing teacher Miss Honey and her school headmistress, the fierce and tyrannical former hammer throwing champion, Miss Trunchbull. The next hour and a half chronicles this classic story of good triumphing over evil, with excellent performances throughout.

The ensemble were consistently enchanting, with Big Kids and Little Kids singing and dancing their way through complex lyrics and choreography with captivating energy and talent. Jessica M and Ava D were incredible as Trunchbull, embodying all the evil and cruelty of the villain headmistress. Timid but heroic Miss Honey was brought to life by both Libby P and Erin F who captured her kindness and strength wonderfully with solos including ‘This Little Girl’.

Miles M and Billy M were magnetic as Mr Wormwood with a comical solo praising TV, all the while throwing books across the stage to be caught by Kara F, who played his son Michael wonderfully.

Holly K and Amber B were hilarious as Mrs Wormwood, with a variety of lavish outfits, and Rowan B made a highly entertaining dance partner in the role of Rudolpho.

Keir F as Bruce had the audience on the edge of their seats, watching with delight and amazement as he polished off an entire chocolate cake while the cast sang and danced around him.

Grace S and Lilli H carried the show wonderfully as Matilda, showing a brilliant range of emotion and feeling. Their portrayal of Matilda’s defiance, imagination and humour made for excellent viewing.

The spectacle was directed by Mrs Pearce, technical direction by Mr Robertston and a huge-level of commitment from many students and staff, including choreography by Miss Hulatt and Stage Management by Miss Blake.

A truly magical production.

Wriiten by Anna Poulton and Lauren Haywood