What Next? Year 10

Wednesday 22nd March 4pm – 5pm
Help Your Child make informed choices about their future

We are aware that at this stage in year 10 our students are starting to face many important decisions about their future. As well as our advice and guidance in school, they will be looking to you as their parents and carers for support.

Navigating the future after PCS can be daunting and overwhelming, there is so much to consider. It will also come around very quickly!

The main options for your child are for them to continue in full time education or take an apprenticeship/training. They cannot go into the workplace without some educational component to the role. Things they should consider are: the type of qualification they are going to study; what type of learning suits them best (classroom or practical); and what they enjoy, as well as where they want to study.

To support you to support your child, you will note from our recent careers newsletter that we are running a What Next?  information event at PCS for students, parents and carers from 4pm – 5pm on Wednesday 22nd March.  We have invited some of our partners in to talk to you and your child about different college courses on offer, including A Levels, BTecs and T Levels. Our Careers enterprise advisor will also introduce himself to you and we have invited a representative from the University of Brighton.

After they have delivered their information there will be an opportunity for you to stay back for any Q and A’s. Hopefully the event will support you to feel better informed to have conversations with your child prior to our colleges fayre in May and before they make decisions regarding taster courses and college visits in Term 6.

If you would like to attend the What Next? event (or your child would like to come on their own) please could you complete the form on this link by the end of the day on Monday 20th March.

Refreshments will be provided.

* Please note that due to the fact we are inviting external speakers, if there is not enough take up for the event we will need to cancel.*

Kind Regards,

PCS Careers Team