DofE Expedition

PCS Duke of Edinburgh students take to the hills.

On Thursday 25th May, covered in lots of sun cream and laden with water, 28 year 9 students left PCS under bright blue skies to complete their final expedition across the South Downs. Destination - Chalky Downs Campsite Bevendean.

It was great to catch up with the students at the various checkpoints along the way and to witness how spirits were high despite the heavy bags.

Although one group managed to add an additional 3 and a half hours to their route, they finally arrived at Chalky Downs tired but cheerful and all tents were up by 7:30pm.

Students quickly settled into the evening at the campsite and created some delicious meals. As the sun set, the camp fire provided welcome warmth and helped create various combinations of s’mores with gooey marshmallows and digestive biscuits.

Groups made good progress on day 2 and all were safely back just after the end of the school day. Well done year 9. A huge achievement by all.

The best things about doing the Award…?

‘’Spending time with my friends and accomplishing something together’’

‘’Definitely the campsite experience was the best’’

‘’It was so fun - all of it was the best’’

The biggest challenge?

‘’When we took a few wrong turns on the map and had to keep working out where we were. Eventually seeing the teachers at the top of the hill at the checkpoint was such a relief’’

‘’Keeping calm when we weren’t too sure where we were and had to compromise and trust each other’’

What has doing the DofE taught you about yourself?

‘’That I can do more than I thought I could’’

‘’That I can spend a lot of time with people that I may have not talked to before and still get along’’

‘’It has taught me loads of responsibility due to not being around teachers all the time telling us where to go, what to do and what to bring. It was all independent.’’

‘’That I like trying new things’’

‘’That the ground is actually more comfortable than I previously thought!’

‘I actually enjoyed walking, especially with a good group of people’’

Students are now in the process of completing their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections in order to gain the full Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

We are hoping to be able to present certificates at our Awards Ceremony on Monday 17th July.

We are looking forward to launching Duke of Edinburgh 2023-2024 with year 9 in the autumn term.