Letter to PCS Families

25 September 2023

Dear PCS Families,

I wanted to write and tell you personally how wonderful today has been. Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive support you have given us in our approach to building our community and raising standards. It has been a pleasure to be in lessons and see so much engagement in learning which I have shared a few pictures of on our Instagram page. The verbal contributions to class cannot be captured so well in a photo but I have been so impressed.

The standards of uniform have been really high and where there have been infringements, students have acted positively to make corrections or have been given a green slip when they have tried our spare uniform but it did not fit. We are always happy to work with families to support as we know the cost of living can impact, so please contact your child’s mentor in the first instance. Thank you again for your support.

If you do have spare uniform that your child has grown out of, then please consider donating it to the school so we can further support our community.

At Peacehaven Community School we are committed to upholding extremely high
standards. We thank you, our parents and carers, for your ongoing support in working with us to achieve this.

Kindest regards

Ms Rachel Henocq