Face Masks at PCS

We would like to continue wearing masks in communal areas next week until the end of this term, Friday 22nd October 2021, this is due to the current number of Covid-19 cases in the school.

With a view to not wearing masks when we come back after half-term. This will be reviewed again in the first week of Term 2.

Following on from the last communication you received about the small cluster of Covid-19 cases we have had in our community, I have been in contact with Public Health England to review our outbreak management system, which all schools have in preparation for a potential outbreak.

As a school we have always maintained our basic health and safety measures listed below, but to ensure we take appropriate action to reduce the spread of this virus we will be re-introducing some extra measures in the short term.

Current and continued Health and Safety Arrangements

● Anyone showing the three classic symptoms of Covid-19 should not be in school and should take a PCR, please see the Government guidelines around self-isolation.

Lateral flow testing (LFT) remains the best way to reduce the spread of the virus as it picks up the virus in people who are not showing symptoms. These should be done twice weekly and if a positive test result appears then self isolation needs to start and a PCR test taken.

● Students will be able to wash their hands frequently and use hand gels whilst in school, with every classroom having a hand gel station and disinfectant wipes.

● The one-way system, posters and signs on the walls, space markers on the floor.

● We ensure there is adequate ventilation in all teaching rooms.

● We will continue with the ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’ strategy.

Short term outbreak management

● Wearing of masks in communal area (unless exempt) 07-10-21 to 15-10-21

For the remainder of this week (from Thursday 7th October) and for the following week (up to and including Friday 15th October) we are re-introducing the requirement for students and staff to wear a face mask on entering the school site and in all indoor communal areas unless the student is exempt from wearing one.

If your child is exempt then please contact the school with details and evidence for the exemption of wearing face masks. Students can decide if they would like to wear masks in the classroom. If a student arrives at school without a face mask, we will provide them with a face mask and make a charge of £1 to cover the cost of the face mask and we will make a donation to charity. Please also instruct your child with the correct procedure for putting on and removal of a face mask. Guidance can be found here:

Appointments and Site Access

To support any movement on the school site, please do not come onto the school site without a pre-arranged appointment. Anyone who arrives without an appointment, unfortunately, will not be able to be accommodated. When attending a pre-arranged appointment we will ask all visitors to follow our health and safety procedures, which will be displayed in our reception area. We would ask that if you need to contact a member of staff urgently, you follow our usual procedures and contact the school reception in the first instance.

Our short term outbreak management procedures will be reviewed during this time and I will be in contact again next week to update you.

We thank all of you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Take care and keep safe.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Henocq

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Letter 5/10/21

We have been advised by Public Health England that there have been confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the school.

We know that you may find this concerning but we are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England. This letter is to inform you of the current situation and provide advice on how to support your child. Please be reassured that for most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness.

The school remains open and your child should continue to attend as normal if they remain well. We encourage household members that are aged 11 and over to continue with twice weekly LFD testing to help identify cases promptly.

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