Mobile Phone Protocols

We are writing to you in order for the Trust to make its position clear on students' use of mobile phones in our secondary schools following an update to our Mobile Phone Protocols. We have had a wonderful start to the new academic year and students are all working hard in lessons and focused on their learning. We all want our students’ learning in school to be free from distraction and we also recognise that you want your child to be safe and feel safe on their way to and from school. Our priorities are your children’s education and their welfare.

All pupils have the right to learn in an engaging, safe and respectful environment. The Mobile Phone Protocols aim to provide a consistent approach to the management of mobile phones in Trust secondary schools to ensure pupils’ behaviour does not impact negatively on the learning of others. We constantly strive to create a productive environment, representative and responsive to different cultures and groups, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Mobile phones may be brought to school for use on the way to and from school, but they must not be used in school at social times or in lessons. They should be switched off and kept out of sight at all times of the school day. Students should turn their mobile device off before entering the building and they will only be permitted to use them once they leave the school site.

If a mobile phone is seen, heard or used within a mobile free zone without the express permission of an immediate member of staff for education or emergency purposes, they will be confiscated by staff in accordance with the Department for Education advice on searching, screening and confiscation. Confiscated mobile phones will be stored in the school safe until collection by the parent/carer at the end of the school day.

The Mobile Phone Protocols can be found on the policy's page and all students are expected to uphold these protocols which we will be talking to them about in assemblies at the beginning of next term. Should a student need to contact home they can do so by speaking with a member of staff who will supervise them contacting home using the school phone. Should a parent/carer need to contact your son/daughter you should contact the main office.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any queries, please direct them via James Broadbent on

Kindest regards

Rachel Henocq

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