Term 2

And so term 2 begins. I hope that you have had a good week and were able to read our newsletter from last term to see what we got up to. We are very much looking forward to getting back into lessons with the students for this term and I wanted to write to keep you informed of a few items:

Celebration of Progress
This term students in Y7-10 will be bringing home their books to show you the progress they have made so far the academic year. We are really proud of the work they do every day and want to take this opportunity to share their successes with you, especially now that parents evenings are held remotely. More information will be sent regarding this shortly.

Covid-19 update
All students need to complete lateral flow tests (LFT) twice a week. We recommend Sunday and Wednesday. You should report the results as per the instructions on the pack, but please do contact the school as well on Pcs-covid19@swale.at so we know if your child has tested positive on a LFT or a PCR test, and when they are likely to return. LFT are for when there are no symptoms of Covid-19. If anyone has one of the three classic symptoms (a new continuous cough, change in sense of smell or
taste, high temperature) then they should take a PCR. Here is a link to when and how you get a PCR test https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test. If a child presents with one of the three classic symptoms as mentioned above then they should be self-isolating and not be in school. If they present with any of these symptoms whilst in school then we will be contacting home and isolating them until we have had confirmation from home that they can leave. Here is a link to the Government website on when to self-isolate.

I had said that after the break we would not be requiring masks in communal areas. This will remain the case this week, but I shall be monitoring the situation and will inform you if this changes. Any student who wishes to continue to wear a mask is more than welcome to do so.

Mobile phone policy
A reminder to read our mobile phone policy which can be found here.

Timings of the school day
All students need to be in class, ready to learn, at 8:40 am each morning, otherwise, they will get a late mark. Some students will attend tutor check-in at 8:30 am and their mentor will send them to their first lesson 2 minutes before it starts.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

Rachel Henocq