Year 8 Parents Evening

Meet the subject teachers
3.45 - 6.45pm Thursday 23rd June 2022

Dear PCS Families,

We would like to invite all parents/carers of our Year 8 students to make appointments to meet with your child’s teachers via a virtual SchoolCloud meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss the progress your child has made in their subjects. Here is a short welcome loom from Mr Millar:

How do I make appointments?
Appointments will take place between 3.45pm and 6.45pm on Thursday 23rd June 2022. We have introduced a new online appointment booking system which allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers. You will receive an email confirming your appointments.

Appointments can be made from Tuesday 14th June at 4pm.
Please visit to book your appointments.
A guide on how to add appointments
Information on how to attend appointments can be found here:

You are able to log in using your and your child’s personal details that we have on record at PCS.

Can I see all my child’s teachers?
In theory you can, but some teachers work with more than one Y8 class, so may not be able to see everyone they teach. It can be helpful to prioritise 5 or 6 teachers you really need to see and if you can’t get an appointment slot with a teacher you really need to see, then please contact them and arrange another time that they can call you. You may wish to contact their mentor to coordinate this.If your child has more than one teacher for a subject, please only book an appointment with one of these teachers.

How long are appointments?
Each appointment is allocated 5 minutes and the SchoolCloud system will automatically start and end the appointment giving a 5 minute slot for each. There is a timer to show how long you have left of the appointment. If you have a concern you wish to address that will take longer than 5 minutes then please make an appointment to see the member of staff concerned on another occasion.

Please contact for any technical queries.

Yours sincerely

Rachel Henocq

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