New Academic Year

New academic year: Monday 4th July

On Monday 4th July pupils are promoted to their new year group.
There will be a staggered start to the new academic year to ensure all pupils are registered, taken to assembly and then to lessons.

Year group
Old → New
Arrival time Pastoral Leader Pastoral Support Manager
Y7 → Y8 08:35 Ms Pollard Mr Thomsett
Y8 → Y9 09:00 Mr Millar Mrs Brooks
Y9 → Y10 09:25 Ms Leggett Ms Didcote
Y10 → Y11 09:45 Mrs Willis
Ms Langridge
Mrs Murphy

Pupils will arrive at school at the times listed above, line up as per their fire drill on the tennis courts/Astro pitch and their current mentor will register them and hand out a paper copy of their new timetable.

They will then be escorted to the assembly.

After their assembly they will be taken by their class teacher and will start their lessons as per their new timetable.

Correct school uniform is expected. As we are still in the last term pupils do not need to wear their blazers, but if they are not wearing a blazer they should not be wearing a jumper. The jumper is an additional item to wear in the colder months, under the blazer.

We are really excited to be promoting our pupils and setting them off on their new timetable.

Yours sincerely

Rachel Henocq