At Peacehaven Community School, our holistic approach to education enhances classroom learning. We offer a diverse array of extra-curricular activities designed to nurture diverse talents, foster individual growth, and equip our students with valuable life skills.

Nurturing Talent

Talent and interest take various forms, and we are committed to nurturing these. Dance lovers have multiple platforms, including general Dance and more focused practice sessions. For students inclined towards visual and animated storytelling, the Anime Club complements our Film Club. Chess enthusiasts can join the Chess Club, where strategic thinking meets a spirit of competition.

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation

Celebrating creativity is fundamental to the student experience at Peacehaven Community School. From the Creative Writing Club to the Poetry by Heart group, students have an array of options to explore the power of words. With the Art Club focusing on various artistic techniques, students can channel their creativity across different mediums. Warhammer Club offers a unique blend of imagination, strategy, and tabletop gameplay.

Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Our school takes a comprehensive view of well-being, offering traditional sports clubs such as Netball, Boys Football, Girls Football, and Rugby, as well as modern fitness activities like Park Run. The emphasis is not just on physical training but also emotional balance and mental wellness, promoting a holistic sense of well-being among students.

Educational Support

We extend our educational support beyond the classroom through targeted clubs like the Y11 Geography Intervention and Supporting Geography. Students keen on vocational subjects have the option of DT Coursework, VCert PE, and Music BTech.
In addition, English and Food Prep & Nutrition clubs offer avenues for academic enrichment and practical skills alike.

Cultural and Inclusive Spaces

Our PCS LGBT+ Society provides a safe, supportive space for discussions about identity and acceptance, complementing the broader focus of our Culture Club. The French and Spanish Club enriches linguistic skills and cultural understanding, making our
extra-curricular activities a melting pot of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Life Skills and Community Engagement

We believe in preparing students for the world beyond school. Our Games Club offers a relaxed environment for cognitive development, while Supported Homework provides extra academic support. Through the Duke of Edinburgh's program, we offer an Essential Cooking Course to equip students with important life skills.

Adventure and Exploration

For students with a love for the great outdoors and history, our Outdoor Club and History Club offer chances for adventure and exploration. These are not merely recreational activities; they instil an appreciation for the richness of our natural world and the depth of our past, adding another layer to our students' education.

Through this extensive range of extra-curricular activities, Peacehaven Community School is committed to providing a comprehensive, enriching education that nurtures each aspect of student development. We encourage all our students to take advantage of these diverse opportunities as they navigate through their educational journey.

Clubs will operate every week through the term but may be subject to change at late notice. We will try to give notice beforehand if changes occur or clubs are not running. Students should check with the teacher hosting first to join the activity and must inform their parents that they will be attending any after-school clubs beforehand. Some clubs may have a limited number of spaces.

Breakfast Club is open to all students and offers a free breakfast to any student.
All clubs are free.