School Timetable

On the first day of their arrival, students should enter school by the main student entrance. The timings allow us to ensure all students can be informed of the procedures they need to follow.

Further information will be given to the students on their arrival about dedicated year group student entrances and exits.

Start of term:
Wednesday 1st September and Thursday 2nd September are INSET days for staff training. All students start school on Friday 3rd September 2021 and should arrive at the front of the school, in their full school uniform, at the following times:
Year 7 students 08.40 am
Year 11 students 09.10 am
Year 10 students 09.40 am
Year 9 students 10.50 am
Year 8 students 11.20 am

Each year group will be met by their Pastoral Leaders and tutors, at the front of the school at their given arrival time (above). We will ensure they know who their tutor is and get them into their correct groups. Before formal lessons start they will have Personal Development sessions where they will have an assembly, be given their timetable and engage in activities to get them ready and excited about the year ahead.

Once in school the students’ daily structure will be as follows:

Timings of the school day (from Monday 6th September)
All students are expected to arrive in time for them to be in class and ready to start learning at 08:40. If they want to attend breakfast club they can arrive from 08:00. Most students will arrive at about 08:30.

08:00 Breakfast club
08:30 Tutor drop in
08.40 Lesson 1
09.35 Lesson 2
10.30 Break time
10.50 Lesson 3
11.45 Lesson 4
12.40 Lunch time
13.10 Lesson 5
14.05 Lesson 6
15.00 End of the school day