Staff Wellbeing

Positive staff wellbeing can increase productivity and engagement, improve people's job satisfaction, and help to reduce absence from work and that means staff are better able, in turn, to support their pupils. We aim to create a culture where all staff have the confidence to talk openly about mental health and wellbeing.

Our mantra is 'Put on your own oxygen mask before you help others with theirs'. We believe that if you are in a good place you are better placed to help others. This is what we already have in place:

Employee Assistance Programme
Each member of staff is entitled to six counselling sessions per year. Staff can refer themselves by contacting the provider directly. They can contact the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is confidential, and staff will be asked to confirm the name of the school they work in. When contacting the service, staff should ensure they are in a location where they can talk freely and that they have time for a short conversation with the service.

Wellbeing Leads
We currently have wellbeing staff leads who meet termly to discuss the wellbeing of all staff. As a result of these meetings an action plan is completed which is solution based and is then shared with the leadership team, who discuss the content and then feedback to the Mental Health Lead.

Staff training
All staff receive mental health and wellbeing training at the start of the year to enable them to have the tools not only to be able to help themselves but to have the skills and confidence to support the students when required. Time to Change also came in and delivered some training to some key members of staff.

Regular Staff Surveys
This provides staff with the opportunities to have their say in a safe and non- judgemental environment. They allow for a sense of ownership and responsibility and provide invaluable resources to help the leadership team understand what is working well within the establishment and to highlight those areas where more time and resources are needed in order to promote positive change.

Staff Social Events
These include Fun Friday Activities, running club, after school gatherings, annual celebrations, break time hub, and more recently virtual games night.

Self assessment
If you are concerned about anxiety and depression affecting you, you can engage in a self assessment tool to help you make decisions as to what to do next.

Please find below a bank of resources to help support your mental wellbeing:

General wellbeing resources
A huge range of wellbeing resources

12 rocks checklist.png
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Bereavement Support
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Track your menopausal symptoms with this doctor approved table. If you need to see a Doctor, make sure you see a Doctor who has a knowledge and interest in Women's health. Take your husband or partner with you if you don't feel strong enough; you can take someone with you.

The Greene Climacteric Scale
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Sleep Clinic
Lack of sleep is a symptom of something else. Insomnia is not a medical condition, it is a symptom of something else so you need to get to the root cause.
Advice and information on how to get a better night's sleep.

In Crisis
If you are in crisis please text SHOUT to 85828 and someone will contact you.