Student Leadership

At PCS we have a Senior Student Leadership team and a Junior Student Leadership team.

The students are led by their democratically elected President Ellie - Year 11 and
Vice President Kai - Year 11.

To join the team, the student leadership candidates applied and went through a rigorous selection process led by Ellie and Kai.

We have an established Senior Student Leadership Team (KS4) - led by Aaliyah and Junior Student Leadership Team (KS3) led by Alyssa.

At PCS, we place great value on the input of our students. Our student leadership team meets monthly and takes minutes of the meetings, which are then discussed with the Staff Senior Leadership team on a termly basis. Ellie and Kai, who lead the student team, make it a priority to update the Staff Senior leaders on any issues or ideas brought up by the students.

We are committed to ensuring that our students have a voice and are heard. We encourage PCS students to reach out to Ellie and Kai via email at or to share their thoughts and suggestions in the student suggestions box.