Mental Health and Wellbeing Newsletter - Edition 2

Mental Health and Wellbeing Newsletter - Edition 1

PCS peer mentors

PCS peer mentors are year 11 students who have volunteered and been trained to support students in year 7 and 8. A Peer Mentor supports young people to understand the barriers they are facing and help them overcome them in order to help them feel safe at school and to get the most out of their education.

Some common aims of peer mentoring programmes:

  • Support transition (e.g. from primary to secondary school)

  • Help with social problems

  • Help with emotional difficulties

  • Academic support

  • Decision making

  • Building trust

  • Planning for the future

The benefits will be different for everyone. They might include:

  • Connecting with new people

  • Learning from a mentor

  • Having someone to talk to

  • Experiencing someone who understands

  • Getting help

Any student who wants to work with a peer mentor can ask their form mentor or head of year to contact the programme.