Attendance Matters

It is important that every student attends school every day and on time in order that they may give themselves the very best chance of success. It is proven by research that students who are not in school will miss out on lesson time and may then not be able to take full advantage of the learning experiences available to them.

If your child misses one session in a week (remember, there are two sessions per day AM/PM) their attendance cannot reach higher than 90%. This may look impressive but it means they miss 19 days of education in a year and risk dropping one grade in their GCSEs. 5 grades at 4/5 become 5 grades at 3/4.

Here at Peacehaven Community School we take absence seriously and target intervention with students whose attendance falls below the school target of 96%.
If a student’s attendance falls below 90% they are classified as being Persistent Absence (PA) and are at a much greater chance of failing in their GCSE subjects and therefore damaging their life chances.

How to inform PCS of your Child's absence

● Ring the absence line on 01273 575832
● Email the attendance team:
● Repeat for every day of absence

Please let the Attendance Office know by 8.30am on every day that your child is
off school. If your child has been issued with a Doctor's Note detailing the agreed
length of absence, you can forward this to the Attendance Office instead of calling
each day.

You can telephone the Absence Line on 01273 575832. There is an answer phone
for out-of-hours messages. You will need to leave the name of the student, their year
group and the reason for absence.

If your child needs to be absent during term time for any reason other than illness,
please click here for guidelines and how to request permission:

As a school we also use the My Child at school app. You can use your My Child at
School account to tell us if your child is ill and unable to attend school.

Instructions on how to use the messaging system can be found in the MCAS_PCS Parent Guide (please send the message to 'Peacehaven Community School').

This procedure is essential as we need to be able to trace the whereabouts of every student in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Alternatively, please contact our Attendance team using the following email address:

Covid19 Attendance Guidelines

We understand the anxieties around attending school during a pandemic. Please contact our attendance team if you have specific concerns or questions:

For government guidelines on school attendance during the Pandemic, please click here:

All students should now be attending school unless:

• They have developed one of the key symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, new persistent cough, new loss of taste or smell) and are awaiting a test result.
• Someone in their household has developed coronavirus symptoms and is awaiting a test result.
• They or someone in their household has a positive coronavirus test result.
• They have been told by the school to self-isolate because they have coronavirus symptoms or because they have been in close contact at school with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.
• They can produce a doctor’s letter that states that it is not safe for them to attend because they or someone in their household is classed as extremely medically vulnerable.

The following resources are designed to help families to manage this transition:

Covid Return to School Leaflet


Good punctuality is an excellent life-skill and we expect all our students to arrive in school before 8:30am. For any student who arrives after 8:40am, we operate a ‘late gate’ and students will receive a sanction.

As a parent,
I can help by:
As a school,
We will help by:

As a student,
I can help by:

Contact the school when yourchild will be absent. Following up on every absence ensures that no absence goes
Attending school and lessons every day, on time, to give you the very best chance of
Booking doctors and dentist
appointments outside of school
Acknowledging and rewarding good attendance and
Taking part in the
competitions and
reward incentives
Supporting your child to attend as often as possible by reminding them on the importance of school attendance Reminding parents and students about the importance of
attendance and how it is measured against attainment.
Ensuring your child arrives at school by 8:30am each morning. Letting parents know if we have concerns regarding their child’s
attendance and punctuality.



Arriving just 5 minutes late every day equals missing 3 days of education over the whole year. Arriving half an hour late every day is equivalent to 18 days of absence.

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring your child attends school every day, so they can achieve their obvious potential.

Attendance Policies

Attendance Matters

Attendance Policy

ESCC School Term and Holidays Dates Webpage

Penalty Notices

Withdrawal From Learning Form

Attendance Rewards

Reward incentives for great attendance run throughout the school year, with a range of prizes available.

Attendance is also promoted in tutoring each term, with opportunities for students to assess and monitor their own attendance; the attendance of their tutor group and their year group attendance as a whole.