Curriculum Intent

At Peacehaven Community School, our PSHE curriculum is purposefully designed to align with our core values of Aspire, Believe, Contribute, and Achieve. By empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the complexities of the modern world, we prepare them for success in every aspect of their lives. Through a robust curriculum encompassing financial education, drug education, sex and relationship education, and healthy lifestyles, we ensure that our students are fully equipped to make informed and safe decisions.

Our curriculum demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences that foster open-mindedness, resilience, and critical thinking. Our curriculum cultivates an inclusive environment that encourages students to appreciate and celebrate diversity, developing their empathetic qualities and social and cultural awareness.

We take immense pride in guiding our students towards fulfilling and rewarding futures. Our PSHE curriculum supports students in developing essential life skills, including financial literacy and informed decision making, as they explore various career pathways. With this strong foundation, our students are prepared to thrive in the world of work and seize the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Our vision is for student to leave our school as confident, compassionate, and capable individuals, ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Medium Term Plans Term 3
Y7 - Diversity, Prejudice and Bullying
Y8 - Discrimination
Y9 - Health & Wellbeing
Y10 - Healthy Relationships
Y11 - Communication in Relationships
Medium Term Plans Term 4
Y7 - Health & Puberty
Y8 - Health & Wellbeing
Y9 - Living in the Wider World
Y10 - Health & Wellbeing
Y11 - Health & Wellbeing

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