Philosophy & RE

Curriculum Intent

At Peacehaven Community School, our Philosophy, Religion & Ethics curriculum exemplifies our core values of Aspire, Believe, Contribute, and Achieve. Our curriculum is designed to foster an open, articulate, and understanding society, enabling students to explore diverse beliefs and their impact on individuals' lives. By nurturing intellectual curiosity and ambition, we empower students to critically engage with complex philosophical and ethical questions, broadening their horizons and promoting personal growth.

Through meaningful connections between religious and non-religious beliefs, our students develop a profound understanding of the impact and significance of these worldviews on local and global communities. By actively contributing to classroom discussions and extracurricular activities, our students appreciate the importance of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration.

Our innovative and evidence-informed approach to teaching challenges and inspires students to excel, fostering resilience and preparing them for their future in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum not only drives our vision of outstanding education, but also equips our students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate life's complexities with confidence and compassion.

Paul Baker - Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics -

Education should cause us to rise beyond the horizon of legions of half-truth, prejudices and propaganda. Education should enable us to ‘weigh and consider,’ to discern the true from the false, the relevant from the irrelevant, and the real from the unreal.


Medium Term Plans - Term 3
Y7 - What is Judaism?
Y8 - Further Ethics
Y9 - The Existence of God
Y10 - Islam
Y11 - Islam

Medium Term Plans - Term 4
Y7 - Introduction to Ethics
Y8 - Hinduism
Y9 - Worldviews
Y10 & Y11 - Philosophy